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Camino de Santiago a Fisterra on foot

If you are completing you journey on foot from Santiago to Fisterra, the route passes through the following towns until arriving at Casa Loncho: SANTIAGO, ROXOS, AMES, PONTE MACEIRA, NEGREIRA, PORTOCAMIÑO, VILASERÍO, SANTA MARIÑA, PONTE OLVEIRA, OLVEIROA.

How to arrive from Santiago de Compostela by car

From Santiago de Compostela (56 km) take the motorway AG-55, direction Noia. Follow until exit 7and follow the route towards Negreira, after Negreira follow the route towards Muxía until the roundabout of A Pereira. In this roundabout take the route to Muros, until the roundabout of Pino de Val, then follow the route to Dumbría. After passing through A Picota (capital of Concello de Mazaricos) you will arrive at Ponte Olveira

How to arrive from A Coruña by car

If you prefer to arrive by car from A Coruña (88 km) follow the motorway AG-55 until exit 35, located after the exit carballo direction Fisterra.
Once you get Coristanco you have two options:
OPTION 1: Take the route towards Santa Comba. From here continue in direction to Muros, then after the roundabout of A Pereira, follow the route to Pino de Val. In this roundabout, take the right towards Dumbría. After passing through A Picota (capital of Concello de Mazaricos) you will arrive at Ponte Olveira, with its own bridge over the river Xallas, at close proximity of one kilometre and a half from the village of Olveiroa and your destination Casa Loncho
OPTION 2: Do not leave the motorway AG-55 in Coristanco. Instead of it travel from A Coruña to Vimianzo. Exit Vimianzo in the direction of Cee and, in the town of Caxadas take the direction to Baiñas. In this town turn right towards Olveiroa and you destination Casa Loncho

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